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GE Monogram SxS Side-by-side fridge zfsb23drbss: No cooling fixed, but Low Side in 10inHG Vacuum, FIX, or leave as-is?

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GE Monogram SxS Side-by-side fridge zfsb23drbss



PHOTOS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NWvvFw157aSd8ZyQ9

Datasheet is in the photos.  And Yes, I know the high / low side are swapped.


All temps in Fahrenheit, Ambient 60F, 6.5oz of R134a



Ok,  so started kitchen remodel, wanted new fridge, fell in love with Monogram from 2005.  Craigslist had one that didn't cool properly,  and guy ended up giving it to me for free.


So began with 25F Freezer, 45F Fridge, only 6” of frost on freezer evaporater at cap tube outlet.


After removing compressor, changing POE oil, replacing filter-drier, testing 3-way valve, leak-testing / flushing with nitrogen @100PSI, and evacuating / charging, I got a cooling fridge.


Current Problem: Low side in 10inHG of vacuum, should be 0-5PSIG. High side 70PSIG, normal.


   1) Fridge seems to work correctly, frost on 80% of FZ evaporator, gets to normal temps 0F/37F within 6 hours.


    2) Low side (read at process stub) in 10inHG of vacuum, spec calls for 0-5PSIG


    3) Equalizes within 5 minutes to ~22PSI @60F, datasheet calls for minimum 40PSIG @ 70F,


   4) Inverter 3-speed Compressor current is 20% lower than datasheet: 54W measured, vs datasheet 65W (Low speed).


   5) Condenser is barely warm to the touch +5F of ambient, possibly because of 60F Ambient?


What I gather from this, is that there is a low-side restriction, possibly in the cap-tube, or evaporator(s).


So should I:


    A) Leave it alone, and hope it runs for a long time – is the low-side vacuum going to impact the compressor / system life?




    B ) Investigate further and only quit when I get low-side pressure that is within 0-5 PSIG spec?


Your feedback is very valuable, I have 2 weeks into this learning experience, and would like to enjoy the fridge already.


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