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Whirlpool Gas Freestanding Ranges with Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) Control Service Pointer: Spark but no Ignition

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About This File

Gas Freestanding Ranges with Direct Spark Ignition

(DSI) Control All Code Dates


Under certain circumstances the Bake burner may not ignite. Sparking

is taking place but flame is not established.


• Wiring harness may be pinched at a location between the

Bake/Broil igniters and DSI Board.

• DSI Board mounting bracket may be contacting a solder joint on

back of the board.

• Positioning of Igniter and gas burner igniter ports may be out of


• Igniter (Electrode) deterioration

Technical Service Pointer #: W10622771

Release Date: October, 2013

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