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Son of Samurai's Blog

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Pop Quiz: What's Wrong with This Defrost Drain?

Son of Samurai


If you cracked open a freezer and saw the defrost drain looking like this, what would be your immediate reaction?


Do you see what the problem is? Take a closer look...


Have you figured it out? The deal with this defrost drain is...

There is no problem. This is a clear, perfectly normal-looking defrost drain. You can see a little evidence of some water pooling and freezing, but the amount is well within acceptable limits. Based on a visual inspection, there is no issue with this drain.

Why post a trick question like this? To highlight the importance of being able to recognize when a component is in acceptable condition. In other words, when a component is in-spec.

This is an example of an implicit specification -- in other words, a specification that is not necessarily given by a manufacturer because it's something you should simply know as part of being a technician. It's vital to be aware of the specifications we're supposed to know without being told, such as what a clear defrost drain should look like. A lot of these things simply come with experience. Or, of course, from studying the copious amounts of awesome info here at Appliantology.

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