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A Practical Rundown of Sealed System Diagnostics

Son of Samurai


In this two-part Master Samurai Tech webinar series, we explore the nuances of sealed system diagnostics. Specifically, we're covering the nitty-gritty of applying our understanding of sealed system thermodynamics to real-world sealed system failures, such as refrigerant leaks, overcharges, and inefficient compressors.

Topics covered in the first part include:

  • Sealed system temperatures and pressures and compressor amperage in a normally operating system
  • Sealed system pressure variations based on ambient temperatures
  • Identifying the symptoms of failed evaporator and condenser fans
  • How refrigerant charge correlates to cooling capacity and compressor amperage

And in the second part:

  • Early-stage refrigerant leak symptoms
  • High-side refrigerant leak symptoms
  • Vacuum and pressure: what the difference is, and how we measure them
  • Low-site refrigerant leak symptoms
  • Refrigerant undercharge symptoms
  • Complete capillary tube restriction symptoms
  • Causes of capillary tube restrictions
  • The patented MST Gurgle Test
  • Inefficient compressor symptoms
  • Short-cycling a compressor as a diagnostic tool
  • Refrigerant overcharge symptoms
  • ...and more!

Click below to get started with part 1 now! This webinar and over 100 hours of other webinars like it are all only available to premium tech members at Appliantology -- click here to become one today.

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 10.35.50 AM.png

And click below for part 2:

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 11.29.54 AM.png

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Excellent video on how to properly diagnose sealed systems by using less time consuming, non evasive methods as opposed to tapping into the system like this video from Electrolux. Thank you Master Samurai.


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