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LG front load washer countdown display gets stuck on a particular time

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


<<< I've noticed a few times that during the speed wash specifically that the countdown timer starts at 20 minutes, but it seems to be doing unnecessary agitating and spinning so I checked on it. The display would be stuck at 7 minutes remaining and stays like that for quite some time.>>>


Usually caused by one or both of the following...

1) incorrect type or amount of detergent used. Excessive suds---can enter the AIR BELL at the rear of the washer. The WATER LEVEL SENSOR "thinks" that there's still water remaining in the tub---causing extended DRAIN MOTOR run time and delayed spin cycle (or aborted altogether).

Also---during any *rinse cycle* (about the middle of any cycle)---if suds is detected via the motor sensor---an LG washer will enter a software program called: "SUDS KILL MODE".

During "suds-kill" the display clock will stall/stop counting-down until the triggered suds-kill-program ends (about 30 minutes).

After which---the count-down clocks resumes.

2) Washer on weak wood floor or not leveled properly.

Add a single towel to the tub (to mimic an imbalanced condition)

Power on

Select the SPIN SPEED to "Extra High"

Press the START/PAUSE button

Wait until the *Time Remaining* displays "7"

Place a finger at each of the front leveled legs of the washer---as the tub begins to ramp-up to high speed---determine which of the front legs is beginning to "hop" off the floor.

Use the LG wrench (that is provided with each new washer) or an adjustable pliers tool to turn/level the washer leg until the "hopping/vibration" is minimized or stopped altogether---usually requires a 1/4 to 1/2 a turn.

Lock both leveling legs to prevent misalignment later.

Source: LG WM2455HG Front Load Washer