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Hunting down a mystery leak in an LG steam dryer

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


<<<DLEX7177RM Steam dryer has mystery leak that the customer notices after most cycles, coming from near the front center of the machine. I ran this unit for quite some time and could find no leak.>>>


In most cases---this is caused by a partially restricted vent system.

When the back pressure increases due to a restricted/partially blocked vent system---moisture/steam "escapes" from the drum during the cycle (fairly common).

Check all hoses for tight connections as well (it's rare to find a leaky hose).


<<<I could not locate the source of the leak. I went into dx mode and activated the steam generator, and only ended up with a drum full of water>>>


To initiate the DIAGNOSTICS TEST MODE...

Press/hold the MORE TIME and LESS TIME buttons

Then press the POWER button and release all three buttons.

To test the STEAM GENERATOR funtion...

Press the START/PAUSE button 4 times.

NOTE: During the STEAM GENERATOR test mode---the SG pump *will flood* the dryer if allowed to run too long.


<<<Customer indicated that a previous servicer replaced something (maybe steam generator?) and indicated that this part breaks all the time and they should get used to replacing it.>>>




The STEAM GENERATOR in an LG dryer serves 2 functions...

1) Static Reduction---Most of the dry cycles will add a small spray of steam into the drum during *the last* 15 minutes of a cycle.

2)The EASY IRON cycle adds a *heavy* amount of steam to the laundry load to leave clothes very damp in preparation for *ironing*.

If STEAM DRY is selected (any cycle)---the STEAM GENERATOR will be turned off during the last 8 minutes of the cycle.

If using the STEAM FRESH option---the SG will NOT energize if the Moisture Sensor Bars detect moisure in the load (clothing).

Source: LG Steam Dryer mystery leak - DLEX7177RM