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Cast iron pan oven calibration



Sorry everyone, held my phone in the wrong direction

Here is a different way of calibrating an oven. The cast iron pan measures the cooking temperature in the oven cavity. There much less swing in temperature by using this method than a standard thermocouple. One thing you cant tell from the thermocouple is how long your oven stays at the min and max temperature. While using the cast iron pan method you KNOW what temperature the oven is cooking at.

The reason a cast iron pan is used in this method is because the mass of the the cast iron and the unreflective surface will give an accurate reading from the IR gun. You can't use an IR gun inside the oven cavity without the cast iron because the thin reflective metal will always read incorrect. You have to have the non reflective dense cast iron pan.

THis particular oven cycle at these temps (after calibration)

Thermocouple ranged from roughly 340 degrees to 395 degrees.

Cast iron pan temperatures read (done throughout cycling) 343,359,356 and the highest reading at the top of the cycle was just under 380. Its much easier to get the average temp of the cast iron pan vs the thermocouple.

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Nice video! That method works for me as well and customer responsemhas been terrific. I preheat oven to 400f (easy number to use math-wise) then take readings (inside the pan not on a pan wall) at 15 and 30 minutes intervals then average the temps. For fine dining or really picky chefs, you can do intervals at 45 and 60 minutes as well.

Many times I find the oven temp dead on with customer's complaint arising out of using cheap oven thermometers and customer not understanding the cycling method of an oven. But if he insists his cookies are burning, for customer perception reasons, reduce oven temp by 5f and show customer how to change calibration temp back if necessary.

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