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Time To Give Thanks, once again



Wow, It's been 3 years since I wrote this one...and since then I can't believe I've made nearly 4000 posts and done countless repairs! Time sure flies when I'm having fun but I, as well as us all, must take a little time to give thanks. Once a year is certainly not enough but making this day special helps us remember to give thanks, always:

In my best Lawerence Welk voice (young uns, look him up on youtube)...., "This time, a short Thanksgiving tribute to those of us who sacrifice family holiday time to help beleaguered customers "

There and Back Again,

The Travels Triumphs and Tributes of an Appliance Repairman


Over the river and through the woods

To customer's house you go

You know the way

'Cause GPS say

"Turn right, keep straight, go slow...ohhh! (everybody join in and hold the note to signify passage of time and for dramatic effect).....ooohhhh!"


Over more rivers and through more woods

Then rightly herald as "king!"

As customer bakes

A turkey, a cake

In an oven once stuck in Self-Clean.


Over the rivers and through the woods

Back to your house you go

To give thanks and pray

This Thanksgiving day,

For being blessed with a job you love so.

Source: There and Back Again, a Thanksgiving ode




How do you come up with this stuff! Love IT!

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


A tribute to both Thanksgiving and our Craft in one fun little ditty!  

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