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Samurai Appliance Repair Man's Blog


Samurai Appliance Tech Boot Camp Orientation

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Appliance Repair Training, Appliance Repair Service, Samurai Incarnate 23 April 2014 · 1,195 views
Boot Camp, ATBC and 1 more...
We launched the beta-testing phase of Part 1 of the Samurai Appliance Tech Boot Camp last week and our beta students are busily working their way through the course. We plan to have Part 1 ready and open for general enrollment by June 15th. The Orientation presentation gives you some idea of what to expect:


Christ is Risen!

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Samurai Incarnate 20 April 2014 · 1,201 views
Pascha, Easter
Posted Image

"Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs, bestowing life."
-- Sung repeatedly at Orthodox Paschal Matins

"Christ is Risen!" "Indeed He is Risen!"
-- Traditional Orthodox Paschal greeting and response

"Enjoy ye all the feast of faith; receive ye all the riches of loving-kindness."
-- From the sermon of St John Chrysostom, read at Paschal Matins

"May of the joy of the Resurrection be with all!"
-- From a Samurai Paschal sermon


ASTI 2014, Evernote Edition

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in ASTI 2014, Samurai Incarnate, General Appliance Repair Wisdom, Appliance Repair Service 24 February 2014 · 1,572 views
ASTI, 2014, evernote
Well, mah bruvahs, heading out on that big ol' jet airliner from Logan tomorrow afternoon making that long haul to San Diego for the 2014 ASTI. Looking forward to seeing some of you there and will miss those of you who can't make it this year.

For my absentee brethren, the Samurai's got your six! I'll be taking copious notes and will post them all as PDFs in the Downloads section when I return. Additionally, if any of you have any specific questions you'd like me to ax the instructors, please post them as comments to this blog post (so I can keep them all in one place and make sure I get them asked).

Also, one more goodie: I'll be posting various highlight notes and photos from the conference to a public Evernote notebook. You can check in periodically to see what's new as the conference progresses. Access the Evernote ASTI notebook here: https://www.evernote...oidman/asti2014


Rare Footage of the Elusive Wild New Hampshire Snow Kitty

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Samurai Incarnate, Humor 05 February 2014 · 1,439 views
new hampshire, kitty, wildlife and 1 more...
Enjoy this rare footage of the elusive wild New Hampshire Snow Kitty, long thought to be extinct.


Tool Backpack: The One Year Report

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Tools and Instruments, Appliance Repair Service, General Appliance Repair Wisdom, Samurai Incarnate 24 January 2014 · 1,273 views
tools, backpack
Well, it's been over a year now ridin' with my trusty tool backpack, doing service calls in every imaginable situation, including hiking up snowy and icy driveways to get to the house and I just wanted to give an update. I LOVE this thing! Keeps my tools clean and organized so I know exactly where they are when I need 'em. Impresses customers, too. Get one for yourself, your favorite toolhead, or that special fixit dude or dudette in your life. Currently 37% off retail at Amazon! https://www.amazon.c...1ZBE6D25VK3JWV

Here's a guided tour of my tool backpack all set up and ready to rock:

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