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Appliantology is Changing with the Times

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Forum Updates 26 March 2015 · 1,881 views
appliantology, forum changes and 2 more...
It's a great time to be a Professional Appliantologist at Appliantology!

A lot has changed at Appliantology.org over the years! We've gone from being a site that focused on helping DIYers to a site focused on supporting the professional tech community.

In the past, one of the ways this site supported and funded itself was through parts sales to DIYers. But today, parts sales to DIYers isn't nearly as big a source of funding for this site as it once was.

Part of this change was a result of increased competition for parts sales online, especially with Amazon and eBay becoming major retailers in this area. So DIYers were coming here for help and then shopping around to buy the parts for a couple bucks cheaper elsewhere.

Concurrent with this trend was the opening of the Samurai Tech Academy last year where we offer first-rate, online, cost-effective training to professional and aspiring appliance technicians. With MasterSamuraiTech.com as our tech training site, it seemed natural to increase our focus on tech support at Appliantology.org.

Under the old paradigm where we catered to DIYers, it made sense to offer a complimentary membership upgrade to professional techs to encourage them to come in and help answer questions from DIYers. The idea was that instead of supporting the site with money, they would support the site with knowledge, which helped generate income in the form of DIYer parts sales. In return, they would have access to all the tech-only forums and resources, including the Downloads.

But with the changes in parts sales mentioned above, and Appliantology now primarily focused on supporting professional appliance techs, we've had to put some limits on the the complimentary membership program.

The complimentary membership upgrade ("Appliantologist") is still available and retains many of its original perks such as access to the chat room, use of the PM system, ability to edit their own posts, upload and download attachments, ability to reply to other people's topics (not just topics they start), and file privileges in the Downloads section (one download for every two posts).

However, the Appliantologist membership no longer includes access to the tech-only forums.

We needed to make these changes to adapt to the changing economic realities of running a site like Appliantology and to ensure it remains a viable and valuable resource for technicians. As a result, we need the support from professional tech subscription memberships. But in return, we're offering more!

Professional Appliantologist members enjoy the following perks:

- Access to all features of the site (chat room, PM system, post editing, etc.)
- Access to tech-only forums
- Unlimited file downloads in the Downloads section of the site
- Access to the Tech-only calendar where webinars are announced
- Free access to tech training webinars
- Free access to webinar recordings (in case you can't make the live event)
- And more perks are in the works!

We want Appliantology to be such an indispensable information tool in your appliance repair arsenal that you'll agree that it's a fantastic bargain even if it were at twice the price!


Here's the recording of the webinar we had last night, March 29, 2015, discussing the member groups and currencies for dues payments here at Appliantology:

You can download the PDF of the presentation here: http://appliantology...-dues-payments/


Huge discount on Professional Appliantologist membership for students at the Samurai Tech Academy

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Appliance Repair Training, Forum Updates 01 December 2014 · 964 views
student, discount and 2 more...
As if lifetime access to all the comprehensive training packed into the courses at the Samurai Tech Academy wasn't enough of a benefit, we've gone one better and turned it up to 11! Now, students enrolled in any course at the Samurai Tech Academy get a huge discount on the Professional Appliantologist membership fee here at Appliantology. Get the scoop here.


Everything you ever wanted to know about those new Evernote enex ZIP files in the Downloads section

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Forum Updates 16 November 2014 · 908 views
Evernote, enex, ZIP, Downloads
You may have noticed the recent files added to the Downloads section of the site have a funny ending not seen here before: Evernote enex ZIP. There's a not very long and maybe less interesting story about these files. I'll also tell you how to use them.

Periodically, I run across paper service bulletins (actual paper! I mean who does that?) that are worth storing for later retrieval. A great source of these is the MSA World magazine where they include lots of manufacturer service bulletins in the back of each issue. The problem is that physical paper isn't searchable. And information that isn't searchable is just data. Or noise. Or clutter.

So, unless you have a photographic memory, all those fresh paper pearls of appliantological tips and tricks are simply washed away with the next few brewskis. What's a crotchety old Appliantologist to do?

Enter Evernote. When you scan a document into Evernote, it gets OCR'd so that it's searchable. Evernote does this automatically, stealthily, behind the scenes, at night while you're asleep, or when you turn your head to sneeze and BAM! it's done. You don't want to know any more.

What you do want to know is that these notes can then be exported and shared so that other Evernoters can import them and so the love is shared. When Evernote exports a note, the exported note has the extension "enex." So that answers that part of this blog post title.

It turns out, though, that for some weird reason, I could not directly upload enex files to the Downloads section. The file would upload completely but then I'd get a message that the upload failed. I checked this, tweaked that, changed some settings, scratched myself, made quizzical noises, then figured out a work-around, which was to simply ZIP the enex file. The System liked this and there was much rejoicing. So there you have the "Evernote enex ZIP" portion of this blog post title.

Using these special files is easy: just download them like you would any other file from the Downloads section and unzip them. Then open the Evernote app on your pooter and select File > Import Notes... from the top menu. The import can take a minute or two, tricking the more impetuous among you into thinking that the process is stalled. But here's where having the bushido of a Samurai will win the day for, with patience, victory shall be thine. The note will import into its own notebook but you can move it to wherever you want in your Evernote.

The downloading, unzipping, and importing described above are all done on a desktop computer. Works fine on my iMac. I've not tried it on a device and don't see how it would work because of the unZIP operation required. But I'm sure one of you bright-eyed info-jocks will figure it out and post an addendum comment to this post.


Summary of the appliance repair search arsenal and capabilities available to you at Appliantology.org

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Forum Updates, General Appliance Repair Wisdom, Forum Tips, Appliantology Academy 01 June 2013 · 702 views
search, site search, google

And as anyone who's spent any time searching this site knows, there's gold in them thar old topics!

That's why it's important to remember to use the site's google search box as well as the standard box. The google box will search and find older stuff as well as newer entries. But the wild card search parameters "*" doesn't work for numbers (this is a google shortcoming probably done to prevent their servers from bogging down searching for all occurences of jpt4* in an alpha string then billions of results if included in a numerical or alpha numerical string)

The main Appliantolgy search box will respect the wild card "*" for alpha-numerical searches but the searches are limited to entries made in the last year or so.

Source: How does a question get marked as answered?


Home Improvements

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Forum Updates 03 December 2010 · 727 views

The move-in process continues. I spent most of the evening getting emoticons uploaded and activated. Now when you post, you'll see taksan more emotes to chose from. Still have a few faves that didn't make it but they're coming. Didn't think it'd be that much of a PITA to get emotes done. I love Invision Power Board software but emote management is the one area I've found that could use some sprucing up.

Currently working on getting the Gallery and Downloads sections set up. These can be powerful features to the site. I'm soliciting ideas on how these sections can be most effectively used so if you have any inspiration, please share the love. :rolleyes:

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