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How to replace the timer in a Roper washing machine

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 07 October 2011 · 3,472 views
Roper, washing machine, washer and 1 more...
Budget Appliance Repair wrote:

Probably about the easiest job you can do.

1) Unplug washer
2) Remove one screw at each end of the top console, (looks like they will be in front on your model, if not in front look in back).
3) Push timer knob in for off and turn it counter clockwise to unscrew the knob from the timer and pull the dial skirt off.
4) Remove the one or two 5/16" screws that you will find under the timer dial skirt and timer will drop down into console.
5) flip console up and unplug connector from timer
6) Install new timer and reverse procedure to close back up.

Timer part link ==> http://www.repaircli...R=154&N=1016893

Source: Roper rax7245wao washing machine

How to fix a Samsung DMR57 or DMR78 dishwasher making a grinding noise and error code 9E

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Dishwasher Repair 05 October 2011 · 4,661 views
Samsung, dishwasher, 9E and 1 more...
Sublime Master john63 reveals the kata for this encounter:

<<<There is a grinding noise when first started up>>>


Many Samsung DMR57 & DMR78 dishwashers are known for developing a rattling/grinding noise during DRAIN MODE.

This is usually caused by a broken plastic mounting tab from the upper rack ADJUSTERS.

Each side of the upper rack has a tan/gray square RACK ADJUSTER---after a mounting tab (or 2) breaks off---this piece of plastic eventually ends up in the DRAIN PUMP HOUSING.

The DRAIN MOTOR should be removed to inspect for debris.


<<<after a minute or two I get 9e error code>>>


A normal amount of water in a DMR78 dishwasher would be---at about 1 inch past the HEATER SHIELD in the tub.

If you've tested the SWITCHES on the LOW LEVEL SENSOR---then they're not at fault.

Press the following buttons at the *same* time:


The word "ALL" appears for 3 seconds followed by "t1"

(NOTE: Test #1 checks the functions of the INLET VALVE--FLOW METER--LOW LEVEL SENSOR)

Press the DELAY START button---the DRAIN MOTOR will run for 45 seconds. Then---water will enter the tub.

When the PULSE COUNT (on the display) reaches "660" or greater---press the NORMAL button four times.

A flashing "t5" will be displayed & water will drain for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds---the "t5" will stop flashing.

Press the NORMAL button again---"t6" will be displayed. The word "OFF" should appear in the control panel display---indicating that the LOW LEVEL SENSOR SWITCH is in the correct position for *No Water* in tub.

If the INLET VALVE--LOW LEVEL SENSOR--FLOW METER function normally----replace the MAIN BOARD.

Source: Samsung dmr78ahs dishwasher grinding noise and error code 9e

How to troubleshoot an LG WM1814CW washer that keeps shutting down mid-cycle without an error code

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 04 October 2011 · 1,636 views

Sublime Master of Appliantology john63 wrote:

Check the plug connections behind the JOG DIAL of the Control Panel.

Check the plugs on the MAIN BOARD for good connections/no damaged wires.

If all look good---replace the MAIN BOARD.

Part link ==> http://www.repaircli...EC1118A/1268301

Source: LG WM1814CW Shutting down without error code

How to retrieve the stored error codes in a Frigidaire stackable dryer

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Dryer Repair 03 October 2011 · 1,847 views
Frigidaire, dryer, error codes
Grand Master RegUS_PatOff wrote:


1. Rotate cycle selector knob to the 3 O’clock position.
2. Press and hold the Select and Pause Cancel buttons simultaneously for six seconds.
3. Immediately after, press and hold the START and Pause Cancel buttons simultaneously for 4 seconds.
4. Rotate the cycle selector knob to the 2 O’clock position.
The four indicator lights of Drying, Cool Down, Wrinkle Rid (Press Saver), and Clean Lint Filter
will flash the number of times for the first digit of the code
and the START indicator light will flash the number of times for the second digit.
Take separate counts of each indicator light, then repeat to confirm in order to be accurate in identifying the proper error code.
The code is obtained by counting the number of times the lights flash.
Example E24: The four indicator lights would flash twice indicating the 2
and the START indicator light will flash four times indicating the 4.
The four indicator lights and the START indicator light start flashing at the same time.
The control will pause for 2 seconds, then repeat the code.

To move on to the next code, press the OPTIONS button.

To exit this mode, simultaneously press and hold the Select and Pause Cancel buttons for six seconds.

Source: Frigidaire stackable dryer FEQB4000FS1 runs but no heat

How to fix a Whirlpool Duet washer with an F06 error code

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 02 October 2011 · 6,170 views
Whirlpool, Duet, washer, F06
appl.tech.29501 wrote:

An F06 is usually the motor control board. And yes there could be a bad connection at the plug. You can pull the motor control out and inspect the solder joints on the board. Although usually the board will require replacement I have heard of people cleaning the board and connections with electronics cleaner and the problem was solved.


Posted Image

Source: whirlpool duet #ghw9300pw

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