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How to reboot a Samsung refrigerator that's not running and showing "of" in the temperature display

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Refrigerator Repair 11 June 2011 · 3,267 views

does this unit have "power freeze" and "power cool" buttons ? If so, press them both for 5 seconds and see if the computer resets and the compressor comes on.

Source: SAMSUNG RSG257AARS/XAA Service Manual?

How to remove the brake rotor on Maytag Atlantis and Admiral washers without having to buy that expensive special tool

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 09 June 2011 · 2,217 views

Is this the one with the sticker that sez......"Do not remove cover, spring under 200 pounds.. etc..",,,,,,,,On the Maytag gearboxes, what you would do is remove one screw and go to the hardware store and get 1/2 the amount of screws in the gearbox ( 12 screws , get 6 ),, screws of the same thread but about 2 inches long......On the gearbox, remove alternating screws , like every other one ( on Maytag there is 6 screws ) install the new long screws all of the way, remove all of the old short screws, Then CAREFULLY remove the long screws about two turns at a time on every screw, working around the cover.....IF the cover is not loose as you are running out of threads, you need longer screws.... Reinstall in the reverse order using the long screws to suck the cover down, install the short, original screws and so on....

Source: Admiral Washer Brake Rotor Romoval LNC6760B71

How to get to the drain pump in a Whirlpool LHW0050PQ4 front load washer

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 08 June 2011 · 1,289 views

You have to change your pump through the back panel. Remove the top first, 2 screws on the back of the top panel then 10 screws on the back panel

Source: WHIRLPOOL LHW0050pq4 Front load washer

How to change the water inlet temperature settings on an Asko 640 washer

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 08 June 2011 · 474 views

To change the water inlet setting, turn the machine on and then press "Enter" 4 times in rapid succession quickly followed by pressing P4 four times in rapid succession and "Inlet Function" appears on the screen and you can change it between H or C.

Things to check on a Samsung WF218ANW/xaa washer that won't fill with water

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Washing Machine Repair 07 June 2011 · 3,187 views

Re-verify that the cold & hot water hoses are connected correctly (hot hose to hot valve & cold hose to cold valve).

Inspect the black tube on the WATER LEVEL SENSOR. It should be attached to the SENSOR and the tiny spring-clamp should be securely holding the tube in place.

Usually a *NO FILL* symptom will trigger an error message.

"nF" : No Fill

"LE" : Water Level Sensor Error

The WATER LEVEL SENSOR should give 22 to 24 OHMS at the *pink* & *violet* connections of the SENSOR (remove plug to test sensor).

If the WATER LEVEL SENSOR is "good"---start a cycle with HOT water selected.

The HOT WATER VALVE should be getting 115/120 volts AC (within 30 seconds).

Turn off the washer---turn on washer.

Repeat the test using a cycle for COLD water only. One of the COLD WATER VALVES should be getting 115/120 volts AC (within 30 seconds).

If not---try clearing the EEPROM...

Power off washer.

Press the following buttons at the *same* time:



POWER (on).

Test washer functions again to see if water enters.

If not---order a new MAIN BOARD.


There are 2 versions of this washer (with the same model number). Use the SERIAL NUMBER to order the *correct* MAIN BOARD.


If a new MAIN BOARD has been installed---perform the EEPROM clear/reset procedure *again*. This resets the "computer" (new board).

If this is not done---it can appear that the new board is *defective* as the washer will not function properly (erratic operation).

Source: Samsung WF218ANW/xaa

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