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Appliantology Newsletter: Stupid Plumber Tricks & Flooding Washers

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliantology Newsletter 18 June 2012 · 730 views


Appliantology Newsletter
Stupid Plumber Tricks & Flooding Washers
June 2012
Don't Let this Happen to You...
Yet another case of a washing machine that overfills and floods from the "Stupid Plumber's Trick."  Typically, what happens is that the water flow got choked off in the washer and the machine started filling slowly, or the cold water stopped coming in.  For some inexplicable reason, the owner got their plumber involved.  Some hack plumbers (a small subset of the venerable plumbing trade) are famous for not knowing what they don't know but *think* they know it all.  

So the hack plumber starts poking around and opens the water inlet valve in back of the washer.  He sees the protective sediment screens (note the word "protective") clogged up with sediment and says, "Aha!  I done found the problem!  I'll just remove these stupid screens that keep clogging up and problem solved.  Imma frikkin' genius!"  

So instead of fixing the real problem, which is to install a sediment filter in the house water system, Stupid Plumber creates a new, bigger problem: now the valve is completely exposed to sediment damage and the piston inside the valve can-- and often does-- get stuck open so it can no longer shut off the flow of water into the washer.  And the washer floods.  I see this over and over again.  Here are two examples; if you click the images below, it'll take you to the video on YouTube where you can watch and hear more gory details:

Now, don't get me wrong 'cuz I ain't complainin' too much-- fixing the boo-boos that those stupid plumbers make are helping me pay for my daughter's big fat Greek wedding this September.  So next time you see a plumber doing stupid tricks on an appliance, tell him Samurai Appliance Repair Man and The Appliance Guru said, "Domo, dude!"
Samurai Appliance Repair Man, www.Fixitnow.com


Appliantology Newsletter: Refrigerator Repair Visualized

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliantology Newsletter 27 May 2012 · 713 views


Appliantology Newsletter
Refrigerator Repair Visualized
Late-May 2012
Professional Appliantologists mark the seasons by the prevalence of a particular appliance failure.  For example, we are currently in what we professional Appliantologists call, "Refrigerator Season."  This is the time of year when the warm, humid weather brings out all those incipient and latent problems with your refrigerator: fresh food (beer) compartment no longer cold, no ice from the ice maker, water leaking from the freezer, etc. This issue offers you visual (video) repair tips for various common refrigerator problems that you're likely to see this Refrigerator Season.  These are just a few selections-- check out all the videos on our Youtube channel.  Each week we add new videos; subscribe to our channel so you don't miss 'em!
Troubleshooting a Water Dispenser that Quit Dispensing Water

Fixing a Refrigerator with a Warm Beer (fresh food) Compartment

Fixing an Ice Dispenser that Only Dispenses Crushed Ice

Troubleshooting the Electronics in an LG Refrigerator

Appliantology.org,  www.Appliantology.org

Appliantology Newsletter: The Warm Refrigerator Fire Drill

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliantology Newsletter 05 May 2012 · 508 views
Appliantology, newsletter


Appliantology Newsletter
The Warm Refrigerator Fire Drill
Early-May 2012
The Warm Refrigerator Fire Drill
So you're minding your own business, going about your morning and getting ready for work.  You open the refrigerator for your morning beer and discover, to your horror, that all the beer is warm!  Bile burns the back of your throat as your trembling hands frantically search the internet for an answer.  But your terror turns into frustration and then outright rage after you've sifted through a dozen pages of fluff and non-answers.  Why isn't there a page that can just methodically guide a panic-stricken mind through process of figuring out what's wrong with his warm refrigerator?  

Ahh, but there is!  Behold the Samurai's Warm Refrigerator Flowchart.  It's the perfect page for a Grasshoppah facing down a warm refrigerator.  The Samurai methodically and expertly steps you through the diagnosis and then links you to the page that shows you exactly how to fix the problem.  Check out the Warm Refrigerator Flowchart, download it today and keep it handy.  Also makes a great gift for that special someone who already has it all.  
Washer & Dryer Recommendations
In this episode of their award-winning and internationally-acclaimed podcast on Fixitnow.com Radio, Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai discuss their recommendations if you're considering buying a new washer and dryer.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll become a part of you. Come have a listen.

In the podcast, they discuss stand-alone machines; if you're thinking about buying a stack laundry unit, you'll want to watch this short video from the Samurai's alter-ego.  
Appliance Service in New London, NH
The Samurai is re-launching his local in-home appliance service business as The Appliance Guru.  It's an old business with a new name.  Why?  Well, our other business name, Fixitnow.com Samurai Appliance Repair Man, plays well on the web but we discovered not so good as a service business.  For one thing, people just could not seem to remember the web site address, Fixitnow.com.  Invariably, they'd ask, "What was it again, Fixit.com?"  We actually had a local writer do an entire article in a local magazine about our site and she re-named it, "Fixitagain.com!"  Read more about our name change here.  
So if you live in the New London, New Hampshire, area or know someone who does, please keep The Appliance Guru in mind for expert in-home appliance repair service!
The Appliantology Academy, www.Appliantology.org

Appliantology Newsletter: Making Refrigerator Water Safe

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliantology Newsletter 15 April 2012 · 733 views
appliantology, newsletter


Appliantology Newsletter
Making Refrigerator Water Safe


Mid-April 2012

Posted Image

What kind of gookus is lurking in the water and ice from your refrigerator?

Posted ImageShort answer:  you don't wanna know!  As the water filter in your refrigerator removes bad taste and scale from the water used in your ice maker and fountain, it accumulates lots of poisonous yucky stuff often found in tap water such as lead, asbestos, chlorine, giardia, cysts, pesticides, and herbicides. But after six to 12 months of use, the water filter becomes saturated and needs to be replaced because it's no longer filtering out the bad stuff.  Instead, you’re drinking it all in.  Replacing the water filter is a snap and we have replacement filters for all brands and models of refrigerators and even add-on filters.  Check out our selection of refrigerator water filters.

Adding an ice maker to your refrigerator is a snap!

Posted ImageLooking to replace your dearly departed icemaker? Sick of filling ice cube trays and you’re finally ready to install an icemaker kit in your fridge? Figuring out which kit you need can be confusing. Let this handy table be your guiding light.
And check out these recent episodes of our award-winning podcast:

Death By Chocolate

Posted ImageThis decadent dessert is a legend at our parish's Paschal (Easter) feast - the serving bowl is often literally licked clean when everyone is done! It's super easy because it relies on box mixes and Cool Whip, but somehow the combination of the various ingredients results in a surprisingly tasty and even elegant completed dish.  Come git you some!

The Appliantology Academy www.Appliantology.org


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Appliantology Newsletter: Reefer Madness Issue!

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Appliantology Newsletter 02 April 2012 · 667 views
appliantology, newsletter and 3 more...
The latest issue is posted at Fixitnow.com, check it out ==> http://fixitnow.com/...-madness-issue/

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