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Learn How to Troubleshoot an LG Gas Dryer Like a Real Tech

Son of Samurai


In this interactive webinar workshop, we explored an LG gas dryer issue that had stumped an Appliantology tech. We performed a forensic analysis on the troubleshoot to figure out how it could have been improved, and then we moved on to thoroughly examine the circuits and understand how they work. 

This and our dozens of other technical training webinar recordings are only viewable by premium tech members at Appliantology.

Topics covered include...

  • DC and AC loads
  • Computer-controlled gas ignition sequence 
  • Flame sensor operation and monitoring
  • Control board sensing lines, especially the all-important Neutral sense
  • Using EEPs to identify convenient testing locations at the control board without digging into the belly of the beast
  • Forming a clear troubleshooting strategy, identifying your load of interest (LOI) and the Ten Step Tango
  • Tracing schematic circuits
  • ...and more!

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 2.45.10 PM.png

Want to watch this webinar and dozens others like it? Click here to become a premium tech member today.

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