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Take a Deep Dive into Understanding Household AC Power Supplies...

Son of Samurai



All appliance repair techs should understand the AC split-phase household electrical power supply that they deal with on a daily basis. But the fact is that most do not, and there's a lot of disinformation and "tech myths" out there about these power supplies. But they re easy to understand once you grasp a few fundamental concepts about electricity and split-phase voltage.

And that's exactly what we cover in this webinar recording!

Topics covered include:

  • How sine waves are used to model things in the real world, including AC voltages
  • Properties of sine waves such as amplitude and frequency
  • Center-tapped transformers used to supply power to homes
  • How that transformer takes a single phase of AC voltage and splits it into two phases: L1 and L2
  • How L1 and L2 are each 120 VAC, but 180 degrees out of phase with each other
  • How this is antiphase relationship is what creates the voltage difference between L1 and L2 to provide the 240 VAC
  • ...and more!

This and our dozens of other technical training webinar recordings which are normally only available to premium tech members, but this one is available for free for a limited time only! Click below to watch it.




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