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Whirlpool Duet Sport/Kenmore HE2 CCU revision WRONG!



I recently went out on a repair where the customer had already attempted to fix his machine (ugh, we know all know how that goes. Anyway, he had diagnosed the problem to be his CCU and ordered the part himself and installed. After installation his main error he was receiving was fixed but the display was not correct. The display showed 37 minutes for all cycles except Whitest Whites and Clean cycle. They just showed - - (double dashes). Because I got thrown into this repair late I kinda got screwed. With the new CCU installed I figured it was good since it was new so i Completely unloaded the CCU. Only had Power input to the board and my UI connected. Still got the same display. This told me we had a bad UI. Ordered new UI.

Received new UI and went out to install it and when i did i received the same problem. I had another CCU and i installed it as well and STILL got the same display problem. 37 minutes and double dashes. So lets recap here. 2 new CCU's and a Display board and the problem is still there. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO CAUSE THIS PROBLEM!!!. I was pissed to say the least.

SO I called my parts supplier and we did some digging together and found that he still had the old version of this CCU still in stock. So I got that one, went out to the customers home and installed it and THAT FIXED IT!

Are you kidding me????? Dumb ass Whirlpool can't make the right part for their own machines.

SO here you go. So far the affected models I know about are


110.47531701 (Brother ToneBlair found this one)

I will keep adding models and feel free to comment models you find as well.

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Just wanted to add that the bad/revised CCU part numbers start with W105*. 


The old/good CCU part number is W10205849.

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