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Whirlpool GWS Dishwasher pump hose slips off sump



Whirlpool Dishwasher (GWS Style)

Mod# GU3600XTVQ1

Ser# FY3401292 (Manufactured 8/2009 - must be one of the first of these out, I thought they started in 2010).

Main pump hose, (has those funky machine squeezed clamps), slipped off sump connection. I replaced with good real hose clamp, one month later it has slipped off again.

I did extensive searching in here because I thought I had read an earlier account of someone else having this problem and some kind of recall on this but the only thing I could find was this tech bulletin W10547922


Samurai posted the above after I asked more about it when it was discussed in another thread but it only purtains to a few models/stainless units manufactured in 2012 and only references a $8-$12 single hose clamp, basically what I already tried.

I looked up the hoses/clamps for this unit and it comes back as an expensive kit with both inlet/outlet pump hoses, new rubber rear motor mount and 5 really good hose clamps - it appears you would use two of the clamps on the end of the hose that slips off the sump.

Here is the new hose and clamp kit:

Part number: W10168824

Part number: W10168824


Anyone have access to Service Matters to see if this kit has an instruction sheet that comes with it and/or know of any tech bulletins purtaining to this problem in the early models of the GWS dishwashers?

Is this going to fix the problem of the hose slipping off and flooding the kitchen?

Great info from brother Budget! Thanks Brother!!!

Source: Whirlpool GWS Dishwasher GU3600XTVQ1 pump hose slipped off sump

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Here's the clamp specified in the tech bulletin, it appears to be a narrow clamp and appears to come with blue dot stickers, probably to stick on mod/ser tag to signifiy tech bulletin upgrade has been done.





And another clamp a tech in one of the above discussions linked to that appears to be the narrow screw clamp, much cheaper then the above, probably same clamp without blue dot stickers.

Picture on Sears site: http://parts.sears.c...548433/0022/665




And another clamp found, was recommended in above discussions, the same good type that comes in the complete hose and clamp kit - very expensive clamps.  It is the one specifically for the pump to sump connection.  If you lookup this model: WDF310PLAB0 it shows as just the clamp, (not shown in all model break downs).  This model doesn't use the Verio motor and has a straight pump inlet and curved pump outlet.   The models with the Verio motor have the longer curved inlet hose and short outlet coupling as pictured in the complete pump hose and clamp kit.

Part number: W10169167 





For the models that don't have the Verio motor you can order just the curved pump oulet hose and two clamp kit

Part number: W10445975 



More Wisdom from Brother Budget

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