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Whirlpool VMW Speed sensor intermittent failure



Hi Boys and Girls,

So we all have seen the basket speed sensor fault on the VMW washer's right??? Well I had one with that fault code but i could not produce the problem at time of servicing the machine. All functions tested good. Tach verification mode passed. EVERYTHING checked good. Ran rinse and spin loads, seriously... the machine worked perfect!

Well long story short, got a call back the NEXT day. Complaint was no spin again. Got there and did all my testing and AGAIN everything checked good.

Then I had the customer load the machine with a load and ran a rinse and spin cycle. Guess what it ran FINE! It took 3 rinse and spin cycles until the fault showed up again. Sure enough it was the basket speed sensor fault. I quickly went to the tach verification mode and the test failed. Intermittent actuator (well optic sensor) failure.

So double and triple check your optic sensors folks. They can fail intermittently!!!

Source: Whirlpool VMW Speed sensor fault

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