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Samsung FL Washer door lock



Recently got a call for a Samsung washer door lock replacement. I Pre-screened the call and looked at the door lock assy and it looked just like the Part number: 8182634

Part number: 8182634

(except color)

I have always used the whirlpool lock assy on Samsung washers. They have fit perfectly and have worked like a charm also increasing my FCC. Being able to stock one lock for many brands makes life much easier.

Well, I got to the home and went to install the latch and the electrical molex plugs were different. DOH! Even though the latch the latch looked the same and know the 8182634 worked on previous repairs, it would not on this one.

After researching the part i found that multiple latches were listed for my model number WF350ANP/XAA 03. I was not able to find the the 03 version on any breakdown. I found a 01 and 04 on Samsung parts.com. Either way it pulled up the same two latches and in the description of the part it read,


Please remove original part and check sticker on part for correct part number before ordering

So between APP, Repair Clinic, Sears and Samsungparts I could not tell which lock assy i needed for sure. So as stated above, Make sure to check your part numbers on these latches. They have changed them from the 8182634.

I ended up using

Part number: DC34-00024B

Part number: DC34-00024B

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Awesome tip, mah bruvah!  Mucho domos for posting that!  

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