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LG Dryer Gas Valve Troubleshooting

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

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Dryer Repair

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 It only took about a week to find this but I found it.  Thank you for the information. Very helpful 

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  • Team Samurai
Samurai Appliance Repair Man


I gotta figger out how to make these Gallery images more searchable. Workin' on it...

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Posted (edited)

I didn’t mean to apear like I was Complaining. I am so sorry. I am so grateful It was even there for me to find. 

Guess what happened with that job? After a week of struggling with that stupid dryer. I finally got the board testedand it tested  good. the valve test good. everything tested good but the motor’s  centrifugal switch was bad. Yay!!! 

 Now I have to do is just install the new motor. It was a great learning experience. I did take that basic electricity course At the academy I just never took the final. Relocating my business from Austin to Denver was pretty much a start over and rebuild. I have been overwelhemed this last year doing just that. 

It was good  to go back and refresh some of the material from the course. It was a good experience for me. Very difficult but extremely beneficial. 

My apologies if it sounded like I was griping. I really was not. 

Thank you  for everything you do to help us all be better techs! I apprecite everything you do. 

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