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  1. The techs here at Appliantology and Master Samurai tech really are the exceptional techs in the trade today. The "techs" who comment on videos at YouTube: eh, not so much. Unfortunately, many of the "techs" at YouTube illustrate the biggest problem in the appliance repair trade today: parts changers who know a little and think they know it all. A comment on this video from a PCM who’s been changing parts for 45 years (ie., 1 year of experience repeated 45 times) reveals much of what’s wrong with the appliance repair trade today: ignorance combined with arrogance. Robert Love commented, “Why not simply measure for 120 VAC at the evaporator motor. And you could also check the ohms of the motor.” This is a classic PCM and the teaching in the video flew right over his head. I assumed his comments were offered in good faith and so I wanted to help a brother out. I explained that checking voltage at the evap motor required a freezer tear down, which is a huge PITA in this model. Further, it was unnecessary because I could get the same information by doing my testing from the easily accessible control board (two plastic snaps and it drops right down). Also, ohms checking is amateur hour- professional techs rely on volts and amps for diagnostic conclusions as much as possible. Finally, tearing down the freezer to access the evap fan motor would have been totally wasted time and effort because the problem turned out to be the control board anyway. If you watch the video, all this will be obvious to you. My comments were offered in good faith, offering helpful instructions. His reply (which has since been deleted) consisted of instant hostility, ignorant mocking, condescension, and name calling. Like too many "techs", he exhibits the toxic combo of ignorance and arrogance. Rarely do you find people so overly impressed with what little they think they know than among appliance techs with a few years of experience. Maybe it’s because they have no other credentials or accomplishments so their sense of self image and worth are all tied up in fixing broken appliances. Sad, very sad. There’s nothing wrong with ignorance. We’re all ignorant about something. Ignorance is curable with education... unless arrogance gets in the way. And that’s the story with our friend, Robert Love. Sadly, his story is not uncommon among appliance techs with a few years of experience: they know a little, have fixed a few appliances, become impressed with their little nuggets of knowledge and so become untrainable and unteachable. These guys give the trade a bad name, set a poor example for younger techs new to the trade, and make crappy employees for companies looking to hire techs. We just returned from the United Appliance Servicers Association Annual Service Training Institute in St. Petersburg, FL. We had a booth at the trade show and had great conversations with many multi tech appliance company owners looking to hire techs. They, too, were sick of the attitude baggage that comes with many “experienced” techs. Most of them have taken our advice and preferentially hire rookies based on character and then use Master Samurai Tech training to ensure they learn the core concepts and how to troubleshoot. Of course, there are exceptions to this-- not all experienced techs have the attitude and ignorance affliction of our parts changer friend. For example, the technician brethren at Appliantology are helping each other hone their craft and become better at their trade. It’s a mix of rookies and veterans in the trade. We’re all here to both learn and teach. That’s what we do for each other every single day and we do it with civility and humor vs. the snark and snipe that seems so pervasive on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Here’s the video that I discussed above:
  2. You guys have heard me say in webinars and elsewhere that we are going through a paradigm shift in the appliance repair trade. Gone are the days of Buttcrack Bubba. Parts Changing Monkeys are already obsolete and everywhere going out of business-- and good riddance! At the same time, techs who keep learning the new technologies being incorporated into appliances are thriving and have growing businesses. Appliance techs today have nothing substantive in common with trades thought to be "related"-- home handymen, plumbers, electricians, or HVAC mechanics. The days are now here where we have more in common with computer technicians. You've heard me talk about how troubleshooting today's computer-controlled appliances is no different from troubleshooting any computer, including your desktop computer-- the troubleshooting process is identical. Now we're kickin' it up a notch as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality. The IoT refers to the interconnectedness of formerly discreet machines and devices, such as appliances. All the manufacturers are coming out with wifi-enabled appliances. IoT is not a kitschy marketing fad to sell more appliances. This is an extension of the same pattern we've seen over and over again with appliances- the manufacturers are simply adopting a firmly-established technology trend which will only become more prevalent as the new models come out. The response of too many appliance servicers is to whine and complain about electronics in appliances. Word: Get over it. Adapt or die. The days are soon approaching where a common service call will involve troubleshooting network and wifi connectivity problems with appliances. Are you ready and willing to add computer networking and communications to your repertoire of technical skills? I think the Pareto principle (the 80-20 rule) applies here as it does to so many other things in life: 80% of current techs will either be late to the ball or fail to adapt altogether while the top 20% in the trade will continue to stay ahead of the curve (that's the statistical bell curve, to which the Pareto Principle refers) and will prosper. Which group will you be in? We have guys here at Appliantology who don't know how to search, don't check their email inboxes (even after they've sent me an email to which I've replied), don't know what a link is, can't figure out how to log in, can't even get a model number right... where will these guys be in 5 years? Where will you be? Infographic Source: http://www.pennywell.ie/
  3. In this special international episode, the Samurai is in Fiji at Samurai International Headquarters, while Mrs. Samurai is in the Team Samurai New Hampshire pavilion. Although halfway around the globe from each other, Team Samurai comes together through the miracle of the Internet to deliver you this timely and crucial information in this episode of Master Samurai Tech Radio. We compare and contrast three online training options with the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Subscribe or listen to the audio-only podcast here: http://mstradio.com
  5. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    The Smart Kitchen of Tomorrow is Here Today

    I know from comments on my previous blog post on The Future of Appliance Repair: a Profession or an "Idiocracy"? that many appliance techs are bemoaning the increasing computerization of appliances. For most of these techs, it's because they have no idea how to troubleshoot them and so feel threatened. Many are even thinking, wishfully but incorrectly, that the increasing use of electronics in appliances is just a fad and will go away. Nyet, tovarish! Computers in appliances are not only here to stay, they're evolving and, for many techs, getting "scarier." Rather than complain about them and wax nostalgic for the "good ol' days," smart techs are learning the skills they need to stay current and successfully repair them, zooming ahead of their competition and reaping the benefits of increased income. The infographic below gives a nice summary of where appliance technology is today and where it's going in the very near future. If you need the mental tools to effectively compete in the appliance repair market of today and tomorrow, learn these skills cost-effectively and conveniently in our online training courses at the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Learn more, earn more! Cool infographic courtesy of HalfPrice.com.au http://www.halfprice.com.au/products/roller-shutters/
  6. If you want to contribute to the longetivity of you garbage disposal life you have to learn some garbage disposal maintenance and care tricks. Following these tricks and tips on garbage disposal maintenance your garbage disposal will last for a longer time. Tip # 1 for Garbage disposal maintenance | Stay away for pouring used oils and greasy things in the disposal! Tip # 2 for Garbage disposal maintenance | Stay away from grinding food wastes like fruit pits, some bones! Tip # 3 for Garbage disposal maintenance | Do not to put potato peels in the garbage disposal! Tip # 4 for Garbage disposal maintenance | Stay away from grinding coffee and egg shell in the garbage disposal! Tip # 5 for Garbage disposal maintenance | Never overfill your garbage disposal!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Ten Step Troubleshooting Tango we discussed in the Office Hours webinar on 12/12/2016. It presents a procedure for troubleshooting any appliance that will help keep your thinking straight and avoid floundering around like a parts changing monkey. We'll use this structure in future troubleshooting workshop webinars.
  8. The Master Samurai Tech Academy's Troubleshooting Ten-Step Tango for Appliance Repair View File This is the Ten Step Troubleshooting Tango we discussed in the Office Hours webinar on 12/12/2016. It presents a procedure for troubleshooting any appliance that will help keep your thinking straight and avoid floundering around like a parts changing monkey. We'll use this structure in future troubleshooting workshop webinars. Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 12/16/2016 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Hello All, It's been quite a while since I last posted on the site - the changes and updates are looking good! Wasn't really sure where to ask this though so I hope here is ok. Long story short: Trying to make a long term career choice and need some advice from those in the field. I'm about to turn 40 and aside from some aches and pains I'm still in pretty good overall shape. Good enough to work anyway...(ya' know what I'm sayin'). I'm considering my options going forward. My background: home renovations, water heater install/tech, A&E appliance tech (I know...) for about 6 months, building/property maintenance, etc. I've done many house calls and dealt with many types of customers in different situations so that's all familiar and I'm good with my hands/mechanically inclined. Bloodied many a knuckle over the years. I have a basic understanding of tech sheets/electricity but would need the MST training for sure. I worked for Sears a few years back as a laundry tech and picked up the basics pretty quickly, and felt comfortable doing the work, but left to get involved with buying and renovating rental properties. That's all fine but it doesn't throw off enough to live off of so I'm comparing some options, one of which is going back into the appliance repair field. I'm sure I'd be looking to go out on my own as soon as would be realistically possible, but not for a while. That brings me to you guys. I'm sure you've gotten these questions before but I used the search function and only found one thread that was similar to this. It was great but I was hoping to get some more specifics. A few questions if you don't mind: (I know there are variables within each of these questions but please humor me - feel free to answer any or all...) - What's a realistic pay range for an employed tech that can read schematics and good troubleshooter but no sealed system work? - What's a realistic pay range for the same tech self-employed? - Does sealed system work make that much of a difference in a career? - For those self employed: Can you balance work and family? Are you pretty much always working nights and weekends? How do you make for personal/family time? (All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a rich widow) - Is it possible to do this as a self employed owner/operator but limit your hours (without killing your business)? - I hear warranty work sucks. Can anyone give me some details? Is it still worth doing even if it does? There's a 5 week whirlpool training class close to me I'm considering. - Has anyone with little experience purchased the MST training, practiced at home and gone directly out on their own with success? Is that possible? - Would you recommend this field? Why or why not? I really appreciate anyone's input on this topic in whatever way, shape, or form, and will be thinking through any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance, Dave
  10. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    New vistas in appliance repair training

    From the album: Master Samurai Tech

    Check it out at: http://mastersamuraitech.com
  11. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    [Columbus Day] 15% Tuition Discount on Appliance Tech Training

    From the album: Master Samurai Tech

    Online training at the Master Samurai Tech Academy is affordable, effective, and convenient. Come up to speed on modern appliance technology and troubleshooting techniques with online training at the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Enroll now to take advantage of this special discount to snap up that MST training course you've been wanting - http://mastersamuraitech.com/online-enrollment/
  12. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    The Days of Monkey Boy Service Calls are Over!

    From the album: Master Samurai Tech

    Become the sharpest tech in town with our online training at Master Samurai Tech http://mastersamuraitech.com
  13. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Climb the path of the Master Samurai Tech

    From the album: Master Samurai Tech

    Learn both digital and analog skills at the Master Samurai Tech Academy http://mastersamuraitech.com
  14. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Circuit Fu

    From the album: Master Samurai Tech

    Learn how to troubleshoot like a real tech at http://mastersamuraitech.com
  15. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Circuit Fu - The Ancient Lost Art of Appliance Repair

    From the album: Master Samurai Tech

    Learn how to troubleshoot like a real technician at Master Samurai Tech.
  16. Learn the troubleshooting skills you need to repair today's computer-controlled appliances. Increase your earnings with our empowering, comprehensive training. It's all done online, self-paced, and cost-effective. All our courses offer a terrific value with proven results. Use the coupon code MEMORIAL2016 for 10% off any course or course bundle through the end of May. See this page for a description of our course offerings and enroll today: http://mastr.tech/1TVQZkt
  17. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Master Samurai Tech Academy Tuition Discount Coupon

    From the album: Master Samurai Tech

    Enroll today: http://mastersamuraitech.com/online-enrollment/
  18. Whoo-WEE, things sure have changed in the 20 short years I’ve been doing appliance repair! The appliances themselves have changed from discrete mechanically-controlled machines to computers that do appliance functions. But the level of skill among technicians has changed, too. Somewhere along the way, essential skills like a working knowledge of basic electric circuits and using schematics to develop troubleshooting strategies have gotten scarce. In other words, there’s a critical shortage of Circuit Fu among appliance techs today. The appliance repair trade is probably worse off than most of the other skilled trades because the apprenticeship programs are practically non-existent, there are not many cost-effective training venues left today, and appliances have become increasingly more complex and computer-controlled. So you’re left with a double-whammy: the technical skills have gone down at precisely the time they’re needed the most as appliances have gotten more complex to troubleshoot. [Read the full article here]
  19. File Name: Fisher Paykel RF201 Side by Side Fridge File Submitter: kdog File Submitted: 19 Dec 2012 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Contains 4 downloads referring to the Fisher Paykel RF201 refrigerator Service manual Service Summary Diagnostics Parts Click here to download this file
  20. Version PDF


    Contains 4 downloads referring to the Fisher Paykel RF201 refrigerator Service manual Service Summary Diagnostics Parts
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