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Troubleshooting a Samsung Electric Dryer No-Heat Problem from the Control Board

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Join the Samurai on this Samsung electric dryer service call and learn how to troubleshoot a no-heat complaint from the control board, without having to tear apart the whole dryer, by using the schematic and strategic electrical tests. Work smarter, not harder! 


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Professional Appliantologist members here at Appliantology should watch my webinar recording on troubleshooting this same problem using live voltage tests for deeper understanding of troubleshooting techniques


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That dryer has little to no lint build up that is typical of poor airflow.  What was the venting situation?  Or was this another of samsung's batch of poor qc high limits?

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Posted (edited)

Newish dryer, less than one year old, warranty repair, lightly used, vacation home on Lake Sunapee in NH (owner lives in MA). 

Although interesting questions for investigation, let's not lose sight of the main point of the video...

The point of the video was to show troubleshooting techniques for lazy techs, like me.

True confession time: I am the laziest tech you’ll ever meet. That’s why I LOVE computer-controlled appliances- I can troubleshoot almost any problem from the main computer board with minimal disassembly. 

Using this Samsung electric dryer as an example, I show how use the schematic to precisely troubleshoot and identify the problem in this no-heat dryer all from the control board.

By doing all my troubleshooting from the control panel and identifying the bad part, I can then check my inventory to see if I have the part on hand at the service call.

If I do, great- I go ahead and disassemble to complete the repair.

If not, then I avoid an unnecessary disassembly on that first call, go order the needed part, then come back and complete the repair with just one disassembly. 

Avoiding unnecessary disassembly saves time, money, and liability.

Lazy techs work smarter, not harder, and earn more money. 

THAT is the point of the video. 

Edited by Samurai Appliance Repair Man

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