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  1. Hello. This is my first post here. Hope to get advice from someone who knows about Bosch hood fan installation. We got this fan few years ago for the project and it was installed but never used. The owner changed mind and it was removed and put in a box, sitting in a storage. We decided to used it for our house but realized there are several things missing. According to the installation manual (page 8) , below are the items included. I've highlighted things we are missing in Red. I called Bosch parts department and was informed I can purchase installation kit which include everything I need, except Back-pressure Flap. Part number: 00758988 Extractor hood with fan, back-pressure flap Lamp, already installed Metal grease filter Flue duct Drill template 1x angle bracket for the flue duct Instruction manual and installation instructions 6x screws, 5x45 mm 8x screws, 4x8 mm 2x washers 2x hollow wall plugs, 8x40 mm 4x hollow wall plugs, 10x50 mm T Torx adapter, 10 & 20 I need someone's professional advice on 2 areas. 1. If I order installation kit from Bosch, it takes 3-4 weeks to receive the order. I want to get this installed sooner and wondering if I can get all the materials (except drill template and manual) from local hardware store? 2. Do I need back-pressure flap? Again, can I buy this item from hardware store or is this something that needs to be specific to this model? Thanks in advane.
  2. Hi, My dishwasher will fill water (and will intermittently drain some water too), but the circulation pump/sprayer does not start. In between I can hear a faint electronic hum, as well as the odd relay clicking. After an extended period of time it will give the 5 beeps (as if the wash cycle was completed). However when it does the 5 beeps, the water isn't emptied and is full up to the base of the door in the tub. I also noticed that the heater was on (if that's of any relevance). I've tried to turn off, wait 10 minutes and turn back on the dishwasher from the main breaker, but there was no difference. Also, I read about a "reset" sequence (i.e. hold down the power scrub + rinse & hold buttons for 10+ seconds). When I tried this, the "clean" light turned on, but nothing happens when I close the door. I believe it's supposed to force the tub to drain. Note the drain pump seems to be functioning, as I hear it sometimes turn on and drain excess water. Also, I inspected the check-valve, and it seemed to be working okay. My guess is that either the control board is bad, or the circulation pump is faulty? Please advise.
  3. Hoping someone on this forum might have some insight. Given the current state of the world, trying to DIY this repair rather than have someone in our tight house. Our Bosch Dryer model # WTMC332BUS/06 has been great for us. I think we have owned it 11-12 years and its still a work horse for our family of 5. That said, about 2 years ago my wife smelled a burning smell and understandably was freaked out. I did a complete cleaning of the lint filter and lint filter box snaking it. We ended up having a repairman out and I'm not sure what he did other than I think he pulled some lint out from under the drum. Four days ago we were getting the same burning smell. Given the current state of isolation I figured this was a good time to tear the whole dryer open and clean everything. In doing so, I did the following; - Removed lint filter and cleaned. - Fabricated a thin hose extension for my shop vac and vacuumed the entire lint box. - Removed the top cover and rear cover of the dryer exposing the back of the drum and underneath of the dryer. - Vaccuumed lots of lint from under the drum, around the belt pully assembly and generally the whole bottom side of the dryer. - I disconnected the heating element duct from the back side of the drum and used the same fabricated hose to vacuum up inside the rear of the drum. In doing so the drum did shift slightly back, but I was able to move it back forward and it appears to turn freely as it did. - On our model, the heating element duct soft of pivots or hinges down once disconnected allowing me to see the heating element. It also had several large balls of lint including one that was charred. Vaccummed and removed those as well. In doing all of this, I did not disconnect any electrical leads. This was simply a disassembly of the structure to clean and everything was put back together as it was. When I was done reassembling and had plugged back in, the dryer had power and when put to a setting and hitting the start button, it's not turning on. I am getting a first smaller "click" which I believe is the door safety switch and then a secondary "harder" or louder click. I now have the dryer dissassembled again. The secondary click appears to be coming from the back of the drum although I can't see anything electric there other than the plug. The clicking is not coming from the plug. Pictures below show the disassembled state. I would appreciate any insight this forum has as to things to look or check for. Much appreciated - stay safe everyone!
  4. 923 downloads

    BOSCH Dishwasher Service Manual for the GV640A Platform PUB 58300000170749
  5. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 58300000158541
  6. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 58300000122547
  7. No schematics on this one! I know that'll be a relief for some of you. Honestly, it was a nice break for me, too. I love these easy jobs where you can troubleshoot using only your eyeballs and fix it with something as simple as a paper clip. In this short little video, I show you how to troubleshoot a problem with a surface burner on Bosch gas range. The burner was not lighting correctly and would sometimes flare up. All gas range surface burners operate using the same principles so don't let the fact that this is a Bosch fool you. Gas fuel, just like electricity, works the same way in the US as it does in Germany, Korea, or anywhere else in the world. So the same principles and repair shown here apply to all gas surface burners regardless of brand. Learn all about gas and electric technology used in cooking appliances and confidently burn through any oven and range problem. Enroll in the Master Samurai Tech Oven and Range Repair Training Course today.
  8. Bosch Gas Nexxt Dryer Repair Instructions View File Product Name/Type Nexxt 500 Plus Series WTMC PUB 58300000134444 Submitter Rob Fowler Submitted 10/18/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Product Name/Type Nexxt 500 Plus Series WTMC PUB 58300000134444
  10. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 57502016477
  11. Thermador DHD3014UC/01 Downdraft Hood Parts Diagram View File Exploded parts view Submitter Fredo Submitted 10/10/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Exploded parts view
  13. Thermador DHD3014UC/01 Downdraft Hood Circuit Diagram View File PUB 57502016477 Submitter Fredo Submitted 10/10/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  14. Thermador DHD3014UC/01 Downdraft Hood Wiring Diagram View File PUB 57502016478 Submitter Fredo Submitted 10/10/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 57502016478
  16. Version 1.0.0


  17. Bosch Thermador A-Cool Built-in Refrigerator Service Manual View File A-COOL SBS EVO12 2/3 DOOR FRIDGE/FREEZER COMBINATION PUB 58300000173850 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 08/20/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  18. The BOSCH SHU 4306 CU dishwasher (DW) is 20+ years young. It did develop very unpleasant behaviour. Any of the available wash cycle starts in correct way. These wash cycles are: POWER SCRUB PLUS, SCRUB WASH, REGULAR WASH, RINSE & HOLD. Here are step by step description of events. press ON switch the DW starts with the short drain sequence the DW starts with wash mode which was used in previous washing cycle water valve is enabled, water flows into the DW after while the big high pressure pump is activated and dishes are getting washed water continues to flow into the DW the safety floater starts to climb when it reaches the top point, the drain pump kicks in the water valve is disabled, water stops flowing into the DW in this moment, the water level is a little bit lower (see (9)) the safety floater goes down, the drain pump stops running the water valve gets enabled, the water is flowing again into the DW steps (7), (8), (9), (10), (11), (12) get repeated 15-25 times. Approximately once per second then, there is no cycling for approximately 15-20 seconds after these 15-20 seconds, the cycles 7-12 are again executed This goes for ever. If I interrupt the process, by simultaneously pressing POWER SCRUB PLUS and REGULAR WASH buttons, the DW goes into the DRAIN mode. All the water is pumped out from the DW and the CLEAN LED is activated. I did expect that at the end of the DRAIN process, the water valve will be disabled. But it isn't. The water continues to flow into the DW. Please, help out to debug and find the root cause for this unpleasant behaviour. Thanks
  19. theappliancedoctor918

    Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E15

    Hey there! New to the forums & looking for some insight about an issue I have ran into! I have a Bosch Stainless Steel Dishwasher that keeps stopping about 3 mins into the cycle. What it is doing, from what I can tell, is after it fills up it will run for a few seconds then it will "overflow" and the overflow tube will send water down to the "flood switch" at the bottom and cause it to stop. I've checked the sump for debris and didn't find anything. I have tilted it back at a 45 degree angle but that only cleared the water. So I'm wondering what else to look at. I will include the model number below. Model Number: SHP65T56UC/01
  20. Bosch WAS20160UC/01 Washer Service Manual View File Applies to models WFL2060UC and WFR2460UC Submitter coolhandluke Submitted 03/09/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Applies to models WFL2060UC and WFR2460UC
  22. Bosch NKT715EUC_EC Cooktop Error Codes and Service Program View File NKT715EUC Error Code List PUB 565000000160658 Submitter Rhubarb Tau Submitted 03/09/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    NKT715EUC Error Code List PUB 565000000160658
  24. Bosch NKT715EUC_WD Cooktop Schematic View File NKT715EUC Wiring Diagram Submitter Rhubarb Tau Submitted 03/09/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
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