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Found 5 results

  1. This LG refrigerator was DOA- warm inside, no compressor operation, no lights, no nuttin'. Found a blown fuse on the main control board. What took out the fuse: bad board or just a spike on the power line? I show how to check for that. The fuses on these LG boards are soldered in and not easily replaceable. But a new fuse can be installed and I show how to do that without even having to remove the board, while it's still installed in the refrigerator. Learn appliance repair at http://mastersamuraitech.com
  2. Model # ARE35083 So we have an Admiral stove which is at least 15 years old. It had been working fine but at one point last year 2 of the burners stopped working. We were fine just using the other ones. Then the other day, I was using the remaining 2 burners at the same time, and everything stopped working, from the oven to all the stovetop burners to the timer. I tried resetting the breaker from the circuit panel but that did nothing. I saw something online about how some ovens have a reset button on the unit but I don't see anything like that. Anyway I figured since the last problem happened after a certain demand on several parts at once, it was a fuse issue so I bought a bunch of fuses to replace them, but turns out I have to go back to the store as they're not all the same wattage and I'm missing a few. So I was wondering if someone could confirm that it's a simple fuse replacement issue before I go spending more money on fuses? It would be greatly appreciated as we are students with a low budget! Needless to say I know next to nothing about this stuff so please dumb it down a little lol! Have a fantastic day!
  3. OK, I don't have model information handy, but this is so textbook I thought I'd start a thread and see where it goes. I've got a trusty 14 year old Sunbeam-branded (but Sunbeam has told me they never carried parts for it) microwave that I bought at Target. Yesterday it worked fine. Today the fan, lamp, and carousel have all stopped. Clock still works. Timer still works. Settings still work. It still heats food. But the fan, lamp, and turntable no longer work. Last time I used it, all were fine. Today none work. On more tidbit: I confess that I let the interior get pretty dirty. And there's a few places where the finish is worn through to bare metal--but never any sparks or anything. So I'm thinking a fuse or connection that controlled these three systems has failed, but cursory searches yesterday said something about something called a "smart board." Any thoughts? So far I haven't tried opening anything up on it to look for component access--there's a big "DANGER: ELECTRIC SHOCK! YOU COULD DIE!" sign on the back, but I don't know if microwaves have capacitors or if this is just for the kind of people that stick forks into plugged-in toasters so I didn't get too involved.
  4. I live in California in an area that doesn't really need A/C so all I have is a gas furnace for heat (York Diamond 80). Heat worked fine last winter and never used the unit at all from about June to October and then when I tried turning it on in October got nothing. Checked it and the 3 amp fuse in the control board area was blown. I replaced that but got nothing so I turned an "on/off" switch in the unit to off and back on and still nothing, then jumped the heat and power and it turned on. Removed the "jump" and thermostat operated it fine. Not sure but my guess is something had to "reset" for it to work. So it worked fine for about two months than last night we had a rain storm and had one or two instances of the lights dimming for a split second. Woke up in the morning and no heat and not really sure when it went out. Anyway same 3 amp fuse blown so I repeat the process and its working fine again. But I guess the point is if that fuse blew twice now is there another issue or is it just a power surge? Should I put in a power strip to plug into instead of directly from outlet to furnace? Should I wait to see if it happens again? Should I change it to a 5 amp?
  5. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    GE Advantium Microwave Fuse Isolation

    From the album: GE Advantium Microwave Oven Thermal Cutoff Fuse

    Here's what the thermal cutoff fuse looks like on the outside. You can buy the replacement thermal cutoff fuse here ==> http://www.repaircli...21X10046/769674 Read more: http://appliantology.org/blog/1/entry-536-how-to-fix-a-dead-ge-advantium-microwave/#ixzz2QFFXr1cy Follow us: fixitnowsamurai on Facebook
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