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MST-Appliantology Newsletter, May 23, 2016: HOT Issue!

If you're not getting the MST-Appliantology newsletter, you're missing out on lots of good info on all things appliantological. You can subscribe for free here: http://appliantology.org/announcement/20-newsletter/ We had lots of news in this issue:
- Memorial Day 10% tuition discount for any course or course bundle at Master Samurai Tech through the end of the month.
- New FREE short course at MST on Internetology - Yes, there is life outside of Facebook!
- MST Radio Vodcast Episode 15 - Facetime with the Samurai and Mrs. Samurai
- Circuit Fu - Reviving the lost art of appliance repair
- The Appliantology Live Tech Help Chatroom 
- Pearls from Appliantology: forum topics, cool blog posts, hot new tech downloads Get it now! http://mastr.tech/1WPwJYz Use this handy QR code to easily share on your phone:  

Circuit Fu - Reviving the Ancient Lost Art of Appliance Repair

Whoo-WEE, things sure have changed in the 20 short years I’ve been doing appliance repair! The appliances themselves have changed from discrete mechanically-controlled machines to computers that do appliance functions. But the level of skill among technicians has changed, too. Somewhere along the way, essential skills like a working knowledge of basic electric circuits and using schematics to develop troubleshooting strategies have gotten scarce. In other words, there’s a critical shortage of Circuit Fu among appliance techs today. The appliance repair trade is probably worse off than most of the other skilled trades because the apprenticeship programs are practically non-existent, there are not many cost-effective training venues left today, and appliances have become increasingly more complex and computer-controlled. So you’re left with a double-whammy: the technical skills have gone down at precisely the time they’re needed the most as appliances have gotten more complex to troubleshoot.  [Read the full article here]  

Although You May Not Realize It, You Are Technological

Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is freedom. The planet is radiating sonar energy. Serenity is the driver of inseparability. We are at a crossroads of spacetime and dogma. The cosmos is calling to you via frequencies. Can you hear it? How should you navigate this unlimited universe? If you have never experienced this source undefined, it can be difficult to exist. The world is approaching a tipping point. It is a sign of things to come. This journey never ends. We are in the midst of a life-affirming ennobling of aspiration that will open up the nexus itself. Our conversations with other travellers have led to a summoning of pseudo-ever-present consciousness. Reality has always been full of lifeforms whose bodies are immersed in rejuvenation. Although you may not realize it, you are technological. Yes, it is possible to erase the things that can exterminate us, but not without will on our side. You may be ruled by illusion without realizing it. Do not let it shatter the truth of your quest. Pain is the antithesis of healing. Entity, look within and change yourself. It can be difficult to know where to begin. Have you found your mission?  

Master Samurai Tech Radio Episode 15

Another all-new vodcast episode of Master Samurai Tech Radio! In this killa episode: - Weekly tech training webinars, aka., Office Hours, for MST Academy students and Professional Appliantologist members here at Appliantology.
- Webinar recordings available for both students and PA members.
- Open Q&A Office Hours- a great time to ask questions about a schematic or tech sheet that you're having troubles understanding. 
- Live Tech Help at Appliantology.org!  Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Android and listen to past episodes at MSTradio.com

The Appliantology Live Tech Help Chatroom

Mah Breverens, As you may know, I hold weekly, live tech training webinars for Master Samurai Tech Academy students and I recently included Professional Appliantologist members here at Appliantology in those those webinars as well. I know, I know-- that was already a 10 on the Awesome Meter® and, just when you thought it wasn't humanly possible to get any more awesome value out of your Professional Appliantologist membership, we've gone and cranked it up to 11 by adding Live Tech Help!    Professional Appliantologist members can access Live Tech Help through the Appliantology Chatroom where you can chat with your brethrens and get live help on an appliance problem you’re working on.  Trouble reading a schematic? Need help figuring out how to troubleshoot an appliance problem you’re currently working on? This is where you can get live help!  Here's how it works: Like the rest of the site, the Appliantology Chatroom is completely mobile-friendly and works on any desktop computer or device (Android, Windows, and Apple).  Professional Appliantologists can go into the Chatroom at any time. If no one else is there, just hang out and do other stuff while you're waiting for someone else to pop in. When someone else comes in, you'll hear the door bell sound (make sure sound is enabled on your computer or device and in the chatroom-- look for the speaker icon in the chatroom window).  The more PA's who make it a habit to have the chatroom open whenever they are doing other things online, the more help will be given and received there! So come on in and hang for awhile. That's what I do. Now here's where it goes nuclear. If the Samurai is in the chat room, we can take it to the next level and open a live web meeting or conference call on Join.me. There, we can talk by voice live and real time, and look at the tech sheet and schematic together. Although Join.me will work in any browser, it's best using the Join.me app. If you're on a mobile device, you'll need the app. It's free so go ahead and download it here: https://www.join.me/apps This is all a free benefit included as part of your Professional Appliantologist membership here at Appliantology. If you’ve never attended one of our webinars on Join.me, please watch this short video to learn how to connect and control your audio so you’ll be ready to join in when the time comes!   Talk to you soon! Samurai Appliance Repair Man 

Understanding and Troubleshooting with Bosch Schematic Diagrams

Bosch schematics are notoriously cryptic and look different from the schematics used by other appliance manufacturers. But electricity still works the same way in Germany as it does in Korea, the US, or anywhere else in the known universe. Don't let the unfriendly nature of their schematics fool you into thinking otherwise! Once you understand a few simple conventions used by Bosch, you'll be troubleshooting with Bosch schematics as easily as you use Whirlpool's or any other manufacturer.  In this excerpt from a recent Office Hours webinar, we decoded the schematic for a Bosch dishwasher and used it to troubleshoot various hypothetical problem scenarios. During this webinar, we reviewed five different tech sheets and schematics; this Bosch dishwasher schematic was one of those. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into reading Bosch schematics and using them to troubleshoot.   

Using the Schematic to Troubleshoot a No-Op Problem in a Whirlpool Alpha Platform Front Load Washer

Using a Whirlpool Alpha Platform WFW94HEXW0 front load washer as an example, we're going to use the schematic and that gray muck swirling betwixt our ears to troubleshoot a no run situation in this washer. The scenario is that the display panel lights up, you hear the door lock go THUNK! and lock the door but then... nuttin'.  Learn how to troubleshoot using schematic analysis like a real appliance technician at Master Samurai Tech.  

Happy Orthodox Easter! Christ is Risen!

Today, Orthodox Christians around the world (myself included) celebrate Orthodox Easter (also called Pascha in many traditions). This year was a big offset from Western Easter because of the difference between the Gregorian Calendar used in the West and the Julian Calendar used by Orthodox Christians for calculating the date of Easter. Although the dates are different, it's the same celebration.  The traditional greeting used by the Orthodox during the Paschal Season (from Easter to Pentecost) is "Christ is Risen" and the traditional response is "Indeed he is risen." Here's that same greeting from around the world: Language    Greeting    Response
Aleut:    Khristus anahgrecum!    Alhecum anahgrecum!
Aleut:    Khris-tusax agla-gikux!    Agangu-lakan agla-gikux!
Albanian:    Krishti U Ngjall!    Vertet U Ngjall!
Alutuq:    Khris-tusaq ung-uixtuq!    Pijii-nuq ung-uixtuq!
Amharic:    Kristos tenestwal!    Bergit tenestwal!
Anglo-Saxon:    Crist aras!    Crist sodhlice aras!
Arabic:    El Messieh kahm!    Hakken kahm!
Armenian:    Kristos haryav ee merelotz!    Orhnial eh harootyunuh kristosee!
Athabascan:    Xristosi banuytashtch'ey!    Gheli banuytashtch'ey!
Bulgarian:    Hristos voskrese!    Vo istina voskrese!
Byelorussian:    Khrystos uvaskros!    Saprawdy uvaskros!
Chinese:    Helisituosi fuhuole!    Queshi fuhuole!
Coptic:    Pchristos aftooun!    Alethos aftooun!
Czech:    Kristus vstal a mrtvych!    Opravdi vstoupil!
Danish:    Kristus er opstanden!    Ja, sandelig opstanden!
Dutch:    Christus is opgestaan!    Ja, hij is waarlijk opgestaan!
English:    Christ is risen!    Indeed He is risen!
Eritrean-Tigre:    Christos tensiou!    Bahake tensiou!
Esperanto:    Kristo levigis!    Vere levigis!
Estonian:    Kristus on oolestoosunt!    Toayestee on oolestoosunt!
Ethiopian:    Christos t'ensah em' muhtan!    Exai' ab-her eokala!
Finnish:    Kristus nousi kuolleista!    Totisesti nousi!
French:    Le Christ est réssuscité!    En verite il est réssuscité!
Gaelic:    Taw creest ereen!    Taw shay ereen guhdyne!
Georgian:    Kriste akhsdga!    Cheshmaritad Akhsdga!
German:    Krist ist auferstanden!    Wahrlich Er ist auferstanden!
Greek:    Christos anesti!    Alithos anesti!
Hawaiian:    Ua ala hou 'o Kristo!    Ua ala 'I 'o no 'oia!
Hebrew:    Ha Masheeha houh quam!    Be emet quam!
Hungarian:    Krisztus feltamadt!    Valoban feltamadt!
Ibo ( Nigeria):    Jesu Kristi ebiliwo!    Ezia o' biliwo!
Indian (Malayalam):    Christu uyirthezhunnettu!    Theerchayayum uyirthezhunnettu!
Indonesian:    Kristus telah bangkit!    Benar dia telah bangkit!
Italian:    Cristo e' risorto!    Veramente e' risorto!
Japanese:    Harisutos Fukkatsu!    Jitsu ni Fukkatsu!
Javanese:    Kristus sampun wungu!    Tuhu sampun wungu!
Korean:    Kristo gesso!    Buhar ha sho nay!
Latin:    Christus resurrexit!    Vere resurrexit!
Latvian:    Kristus ir augsham sales!    Teyasham ir augsham sales vinsch!
Lugandan:    Kristo ajukkide!    Amajim ajukkide!
Norwegian:    Christus er oppstanden!    Sandelig han er oppstanden!
Polish:    Khristus zmartwyckwstal!    Zaprawde zmartwyckwstal!
Portuguese:    Cristo ressuscitou!    Em verdade ressuscitou!
Romanian:    Hristos a inviat!    Adevărat a înviat!
Russian:    Khristos voskrese!    Voistinu voskrese!
Sanskrit:    Kristo'pastitaha!    Satvam upastitaha!
Serbian:    Cristos vaskres!    Vaistinu vaskres!
Slovak:    Kristus vstal zmr'tvych!    Skutoc ne vstal!
Spanish:    Cristo ha resucitado!    En verdad ha resucitado!
Swahili:    Kristo amefufukka!    Kweli amefufukka!
Swedish:    Christus ar upstanden!    Han ar verkligen upstanden!
Syriac:    M'shee ho dkom!    Ha koo qam!
Tlingit:    Xristos Kuxwoo-digoot!    Xegaa-kux Kuxwoo-digoot!
Turkish:    Hristos diril - di!    Hakikaten diril - di!
Ugandan:    Kristo ajukkide!    Kweli ajukkide!
Ukrainian:    Khristos voskres!    Voistinu voskres!
Welsh:    Atgyfododd Crist!    Atgyfododd yn wir!
Yupik:    Xris-tusaq Ung-uixtuq!    Iluumun Ung-uixtuq!
Zulu:    Ukristu uvukile!    Uvukile kuphela!

Master Samurai Tech Radio Episode 14

In this long-awaited episode:
- Mr. Appliance tech training website powered by Master Samurai Tech
- ASTI 2016 recap and discussion
- Industry news - trends in the evolving appliance repair profession
- Tech training webinars at Appliantology.org and MasterSamuraiTech.com
- Bidness Talk: "Where can I hire good techs?"
- Tool Talk: Information tools for more effective appliance repair service calls     Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Android and listen to past episodes at MSTradio.com  

The Future of Appliance Repair - The Internet of Things

You guys have heard me say in webinars and elsewhere that we are going through a paradigm shift in the appliance repair trade. Gone are the days of Buttcrack Bubba. Parts Changing Monkeys are already obsolete and everywhere going out of business-- and good riddance! At the same time, techs who keep learning the new technologies being incorporated into appliances are thriving and have growing businesses.  Appliance techs today have nothing substantive in common with trades thought to be "related"-- home handymen, plumbers, electricians, or HVAC mechanics. The days are now here where we have more in common with computer technicians. You've heard me talk about how troubleshooting today's computer-controlled appliances is no different from troubleshooting any computer, including your desktop computer-- the troubleshooting process is identical.  Now we're kickin' it up a notch as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality. The IoT refers to the interconnectedness of formerly discreet machines and devices, such as appliances. All the manufacturers are coming out with wifi-enabled appliances. IoT is not a kitschy marketing fad to sell more appliances. This is an extension of the same pattern we've seen over and over again with appliances- the manufacturers are simply adopting a firmly-established technology trend which will only become more prevalent as the new models come out.  The response of too many appliance servicers is to whine and complain about electronics in appliances. Word: Get over it. Adapt or die.  The days are soon approaching where a common service call will involve troubleshooting network and wifi connectivity problems with appliances. Are you ready and willing to add computer networking and communications to your repertoire of technical skills? I think the Pareto principle (the 80-20 rule) applies here as it does to so many other things in life: 80% of current techs will either be late to the ball or fail to adapt altogether while the top 20% in the trade will continue to stay ahead of the curve (that's the statistical bell curve, to which the Pareto Principle refers) and will prosper. Which group will you be in?  We have guys here at Appliantology who don't know how to search, don't check their email inboxes (even after they've sent me an email to which I've replied), don't know what a link is, can't figure out how to log in, can't even get a model number right... where will these guys be in 5 years? Where will you be?     Infographic Source: http://www.pennywell.ie/    

Master Samurai Tech to Provide Online Appliance Repair Training for Mr. Appliance

Master Samurai Tech to Provide Online Appliance Repair Training for Mr. Appliance  New London, NH, USA, February 14, 2016 - Master Samurai Tech, a nationally-recognized online appliance repair training academy, has been selected to provide technical training to Mr. Appliance franchisees and technicians.  Master Samurai Tech will create a custom training website exclusively for Mr. Appliance franchisees, incorporating the online technical courses from the Master Samurai Tech Academy. The custom Mr. Appliance site will launch in spring of 2016. Mr. Appliance LLC is the largest appliance service franchise company in North America. Entrepreneurs have been starting new appliance repair businesses under the franchise brand of Mr. Appliance since 1996 and benefitting from the nationally-recognized Mr. Appliance brand. The Master Samurai Tech Academy was founded in 2014 by Scott and Susan Brown, who have over two decades of experience in the appliance service industry, both running a service company and providing support and training for technicians online.  “Sometime during the last three decades, critical troubleshooting skills have gotten lost in the appliance service industry,” says 56-year-old Scott Brown, aka, Samurai Appliance Repair Man, “As a result, most working techs today do not possess these skills and there’s a huge need for trained appliance service technicians to service today’s computer-controlled appliances.” "With this training resource, Mr. Appliance technicians can now get world-class, online technical training they need to master the troubleshooting strategies and skills required to successfully service modern appliances, resulting in higher First Call Completion rates and greater customer satisfaction," Brown added. “The proven and effective training courses at the Master Samurai Tech Academy are appropriate and affordable for both new and experienced techs,” says 50-year-old Susan Brown, aka, Mrs. Samurai. “Many working techs today have never received comprehensive, structured education on the digital and analog skills required to troubleshoot and repair modern appliances. These skills include: basic electricity, electric circuit analysis, reading schematics and using them to troubleshoot, single- and poly-phase electric motors, digital communications, and refrigeration systems.” Learn more about Master Samurai Tech and their online appliance tech training courses at their website: http://mastersamuraitech.com Contact:
Scott M. Brown
phone number: 603-290-5516 ENDS

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Appliantology is Your Key to Appliance Repair Service Call Success!

The Old Skool method of doing service calls was to go out on the call and pray to the pot bellied Buddha that the tech sheet was still hidden somewhere on the appliance. The plan being that, if the tech sheet was still there, you could stare at the lines and squiggles long enough to convince the customer you had reached a definitive and scientific conclusion about the problem.  My friends, I'm here to tell you that the Internet has made this Monkey Boy way of doing bidness obso-frikkin-lete! With powerful information tools, like Appliantology, at your fingertips, there's no need to rely on the pot bellied Buddha leaving the tech sheet for you. This webinar will teach you a whole new way of doing bidness using Appliantology as your trusty information tool, every bit as valuable as your Bosch driver or Princeton Tec headlamp, to increase your First Call Completes and profitability. To learn more about all the splendiferous benefits of being a Professional Appliantologist member here at Appliantology, CLICK HERE!  Learn more about Appliantology and it's powerful benefits to you as a professional appliance tech in our free and fun short course, Appliantology 101: Your Guide to the Ultimate Appliance Repair Information Tool.     

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Appliantology: GOOD News and BETTER News!

Well, mah breverens, I have GOOD news and I have BETTER news! First, the GOOD news: Appliantology will continue to be here as the web’s premiere appliance tech support community for the foreseeable future! Also, our increased focus on professional tech support (rather than DIYers) over the last couple of years has transformed the site into a strong community of techs with a vastly improved quality of posts and tech resources. Now, the BETTER news: The membership fee for a Professional Appliantologist membership is going up by ONLY $3.34/month!  I know, crazy, right? In spite of all the enhancements and improvements to the site and our increased costs of keeping the lights on here at Appliantology, we crunched the numbers and we only have to increase our Professional Appliantologist fees by a measly three-something bucks per month. Phew! We were worried it would have to be higher. But NO! Those of you who’ve been around for awhile know that we’ve really upped our game over the years, going from a very low overhead part-time pastime to a robust site on a dedicated server with an IT guy to make sure we are a fast and reliable resource for your business or career. Plus we’ve added regular live webinar events that have become a popular feature for many techs. Here’s a recap of all the fantastic features and benefits available to Professional Appliantologists: All-star access to the Techs-only forums UNLIMITED service manual downloads! If a tech doc you need isn't already in the Downloads section of the site, you can request one and we'll get it for you Free admission to the Samurai's live tech training webinars Free access to webinar recordings Free access to Samurai's Video Classroom Free access to the Appliantology chat room For most of Appliantology’s long and storied history, the membership fees didn’t accurately reflect the true cost of running the site because the site also generated significant income from Google ads and parts sales to DIYers. But both of these income streams continue to dwindle, so we are going to be increasing the membership fees in February from the current $109/year to $149/year (only $12.42 per month, paid annually). But wait! Incredibly, there’s MORE GOOD NEWS:  I’m announcing this now so existing members can have the option to extend their current membership another year at the existing rates. New members who subscribe before the fee increase will also get the existing rate.  The Professional Appliantologist membership fee increase occurs on February 15, 2016. So if you’re considering getting a Professional Appliantologist membership for the first time or renewing your existing membership, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! P.S. I know you’re going to be shocked--SHOCKED!-- to find out that whenever I have to increase prices, I get a few complaints. I have to say it always surprises me, since most of us understand that the costs of running a business go up over time, and we just have to adjust our pricing accordingly. Let’s see - an extra $3.34/month means you may have to charge your customers about 4 cents extra per service call. I think your business will survive.   

Appliance Techs or Computer Techs?

Appliance techs servicing today's modern computer-controlled appliances need both analog and digital skills to be effective. This is exactly why we teach these skills at the Samurai Tech Academy. More and more people are realizing this, too. Here's an industry leader who agrees! http://mastr.tech/1MfkcCt

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 13

In this year-end vodcast, Samurai Appliance Repair Man and the Mrs. Samurai do some reminiscing about all the great students we’ve worked with during 2015, the new features we’ve added to the Samurai Tech Academy's state-of-the-art online appliance repair training courses and we describe even more improvements coming in 2016!   Read more or watch below:     Subscribe or listen to past episodes at mstradio.com.

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


New and Improved Download Program for Chief Appliantologists

We’ve had to make some adjustments to our server because our server resources were being pushed to the max. It was getting to the point that it was affecting the stability and performance of the server. And it was affecting Professional Appliantologist users who pay an annual fee to support the site.   When server resources get limited, you can do one of two things:
1. get a bigger server
2. allocate server resources among users   We did the bigger server thing a few years ago and, while it helped a lot for a while, we're maxing out again. We just can't afford any more server hardware right now so that leaves us with managing server resources.   Our server hosts several busy Samurai sites, including Appliantology.org and the Samurai Tech Academy. To ensure a fast and stable user experience for all users on all sites, limited computer resources need to be allocated appropriately among the various user groups. There are basically three ways to accomplish this:   1. Limit file download count: x number of files over a given period of time
2. Limit bandwidth: the total amount of data transferred over a given period of time
3. Limit file transfer rate: the rate at which data is downloaded from the server   We implemented file download count limits back in March 2015. But file download count limits have two big problems:   1. inconveniences legacy members
2. does not directly address the problem of allocating limited server resources   So we tried bandwidth limits. But that prevented downloading very large files. Not an ideal solution, either.   Then we realized the perfect solution: limit file transfer rates! Limiting file transfer speeds allows downloads of any size file. The limitation is now properly placed on server resources, as it should be, not on file access.   This means that our valued legacy members, Chief Appliantologists, have no limits on download count! We are thrilled that we have found a way to offer access to the entire, ever-growing library of tech sheets and service manuals.   The downsides to the new file transfer rate limits are longer download times and only one download at a time (no simultaneous downloads)-- a regrettable inconvenience but one that is also avoidable. If you’d like to reduce your download time and download multiple file simultaneously (in essence, buy more server resources) you can upgrade your membership to Professional Appliantologist: http://appliantology.org/store/   We're pleased that we can offer file downloads to our Professional Appliantologist members with unrestricted file transfer rates, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited download count, and unlimited simultaneous downloads (in addition to lots of other perks).

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

I'm giving a Mondo Mucho Domos to all my Brethren in the Craft who, through their participation, help make Appliantology the premiere tech support site on the web!   I'm also thankful that we're working in such an interesting trade, with abundant new technologies and humans to continually challenge and delight us-- keeping it real, yo!   Wishing you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day!  

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Live Appliance Repair Training Webinars for STA Students

You already know that the Samurai Tech Academy provides superior technical training for appliance repair professionals. And now, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve gone and cranked it up to 11 by offering free weekly live appliance repair training webinars for enrolled students starting this coming Monday!   Think of the webinars like Office Hours where students can drop by for extra instruction and ask questions about their course work.   Samurai's regular Office Hours are every Monday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Eastern Time (adjust your time zone accordingly). The duration of the sessions varies according to attendance and questions but they always end at 8:00 pm. The topic of the webinars will also vary from week to week but will be announced here. Note that you’ll need to be logged in at MasterSamuraiTech.com and enrolled in the correct course in order to se the connection details.   Samurai's Office Hours page: http://mastersamuraitech.com/live-appliance-repair-training-webinars/

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 12 [Special Video Edition]

Industry Talk:
- BSH- what's the "H" stand for?
- Charge your smart phone from your refrigerator *wirelessly* with WattUp technology.   Master Samurai Tech news:
- New post on how loose electrical connections, like splices and terminals, can produce enough heat to burn wires and insulation. http://mastersamuraitech.com/loose-electrical-connections-and-heat/
- Recapping the dismal and outdated state of appliance repair training today. YouTube makes hands-on disassembly training obsolete. What we need today is BRAINS-ON training! Learning the theory of operation and the underlying technology in modern appliances today so you can figure out weird problems without relying pattern recognition-- if this problem, replace that part. Real technicians today are skilled in the lost art of troubleshooting: following a cause and effect chain of reasoning to its logical conclusion and identifying a the defective component that is no longer operating within specifications.   Business Talk:
- How do you handle a service call where there was no problem found?   Tech Talk:
- Troubleshooting scenario: electric dryer element not getting hot. Good power supply. Known good element. Element connected: have 120vac from each end to N but 0vac across the element terminals. What conclusion can you draw? Voltage vs. voltage drop; 120/240 single phase-split phase household electrical power supplies; loads in series.   Subscribe or listen to past episodes at mstradio.com.

Loose Electrical Connections and Heat

We all know that loose electrical connections cause multiple problems in appliances, heat being the most common one. But why does this happen? And what are the other negative effects on the circuitry and other components of the appliance? With a little help from our trusty friend Ohm’s Law, I will reveal all in this video tutorial. As a bonus, I'll also debunk a common myth that loose electrical connections cause a circuit to draw more current. Come with me now on a Journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment...   http://mastersamuraitech.com/loose-electrical-connections-and-heat/

Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 11

In this episode...   - Upcoming webinar on Schematic-foo: ancient Samurai art using tech sheets as deadly weapons in appliance repair. Get details here: http://appliantology.org/calendar/event/768-schematic-workshop-webinar/
- Appliance product training today: we don't need hands-on, we need brains on. The future is here NOW!
- Bidness Talk: Pricing your services; fixed and variable costs; how much should you be charging for repairs? Strategic customer selection and when to fire your customer; Property managers: the scourge of the appliance repair industry?; Getting paid for your service.
- Troubleshooting: what it is and what it is not. Recognizing when you don't have enough information to make an analytical diagnosis.
- De-bunking another electric circuit myth... this time promulgated by a manufacturer. Using Ohm's Law to analyze the effects of high resistance/loose connections on a circuit using an electric oven bake circuit as an example.   Listen here or subscribe on iTunes or Android.  

Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 10

- We're back from our bidness trip last week but Mrs. Samurai has a cold so this episode is mostly Tech Talk.
- Visit to American Appliance in Golden, CO, one of Sub-Zero's premiere partners.
- Recap of Dacor training in their Android-controlled ranges
- GFCIs and AFCIs. What they are, what they do, how they're different, and current NEC requirements.
- Voltage and current in series and parallel circuits.   Listen here or subscribe on iTunes or Android.  

Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 9

- Samurai and Son of Samurai are off to Dacor training.
- Manufacturers focusing on producing higher-profit upscale major appliances and what this means for your service bidness.
- Sub-Zero doing a huge expansion in Wisconsin to crank out upscale dishwashers and ranges. What are these manufacturers seeing that you should also be seeing as an appliance repair company?
- A recent Samsung warranty debacle shows how there’s a huge need for skilled appliance technicians but the trade is still ate-up with parts changing monkeys.
- Voltage sag re-visited.
- 120/240 VAC, three-wire, single-phase electric service vs. 120/208 VAC, four-wire, three-phase electric service. Samurai explains the difference between these two common types of electric service and gives some examples of how some appliances are equipped and labelled to work with either service. Link to a Samurai video that explains 120/240 VAC split-phase household service: http://appliantology.org/topic/53554-household-120240-vac-single-split-phase-electrical-power-supply-systems/
- Customer selection: Do you pick and choose your customers? Why or why not? We talk about a recent topic at the tech-only forums at Appliantology where this subject came up. [Link to forum topic, must be logged in and a tech member at Appliantology to read it: http://appliantology.org/topic/55055-general-question-for-stovetop-wiring/ ]   Listen here or subscribe on iTunes or Android.  

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 8

Industry News: an interesting twist in the legal drama surrounding the GE-Electrolux merger. GE’s biggest laundry product launch in 20 years: yet another top-loader? Future tech: are ultrasonic dryers on the horizon?   Appliantology News: Traipsing through the various incarnations of the Samurai’s online appliance repair forums and groups (first one on the internet in 1997!) right up through the present incarnation as Appliantology.org. Discussion of the various membership groups at Appliantology. Link to blog post that explains the recent change in focus at Appliantology from DIYers to supporting the tech community and the current membership groups: http://appliantology.org/blog/1/entry-831-appliantology-is-changing-with-the-times/   Samurai Live! Have you checked out Periscope? It’s a cool way of doing live, spontaneous videos on your smartphone that anyone else and drop in and watch. Your followers get notified when you start shooting and can watch, too. We talk about our plans to use it for sharing live videos from interesting service call situations. https://www.periscope.tv   Linear compressors: The Samurai gives a quick rundown of the three types of compressor motors used today in home appliances: split phase, BLDC, and linear, then explains how linear compressor motors work and how to test them.   Phishing alert: We expose an authentic-looking phishing scam we recently received in our email claiming to be from Samsung. We detail this and also explain phishing in general-- what it is and how to spot it.   Hotel reservation scammer alert: We describe a recent hotel reservation scam where a company calls and wants to book your hotel reservations at a conference you're planning on attending, like an appliance repair training conference. In our case, it was for the upcoming ASTI in Miami.   Listen here or subscribe on iTunes or Android.  

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


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